Friday, October 3, 2008


Shout out to my bud, Rbka Su. She asked me if she could watch my kids last Friday while I was at school & JB & JG were working on the house. The girl is awesome. My words were, you really want to? On your day off? Okay.

Well, she is an awesome mom with anyone's kids and El & Shay both loved her and had a blast. The boys said they heard Shay cackling outside and didn't know what Rbka did to make her so giggly. She's awesome and we are actually have a girl's night out tonight after the game and I can't wait to hang with my old pals again.


Sarah D said...

Glad you girls have blogs. I hope to see some very questionable pics posted of tonight's GNO next week!!!

Rebekah said...

they are precious! and who wouldn't laugh at me!?!

cant wait for tonight! oh, the good times!