Saturday, August 2, 2008


So, the italian joint dad loves was our plan. It's located in the Circle Center so we go, park, and start looking at the shopping stores while preparing ourselves for this unbelievable food we had coming. Mom had a business card from the place and dad calls to make a closed 3 months ago. Damn. So, now we had to decide what to do.

We are next to a Harry & Izzy's, we check out the go. High priced and not that interesting. Dad heads out to the street to try to find this italian place he heard about somewhere sometime ago. In other words, he's going out on a whim. We hang out in Nordstrom's dreaming of $400 boots and JB is ticked off at the price of t-shirts and dad comes back. He's not sure of a restaurant so we head out walking. We see a sign for seafood and we all LOVE seafood so we head to it. It's The Oceanaire. We check out the menu and it was higher priced than Harry's. We say, screw it, it's vacation. It was the most ultimate place EVER and we cannot stop talking about it. If you love seafood, go. It's worth every dime. They also have an actual oyster bar with something like 18 different kinds of oysters. I didn't know there were that many kinds. Here's a link to their website.

We had 3 people as our wait staff and were a little leary with the girls, but they were sooooo nice to us!!! They even have a crumb picker upper and our waiter cut up El's shrimp scampi so I didn't have to! Wow, this place was awesome. In the front of the restaurant was a Ferrari and a Bentley. I had to take pics. JB says our waiter saw my boob while I was nursing Shay so that's why he was sooooooooo nice. :) I said it was so worth it.


DeAnn said...

Just wanted to let you know we're enjoying your blog! Your girls are cute...oh, and your son is awfully nice looking too!

Shasta said...

He's spending time with his son right now.

Aubrey said...

Too bad you didn't show him both boobs, the meal might have been cheaper that way!! ;)

Welcome to the blogger world by the way!

Shasta said...

Should have!!!

Jamee said...

I ate at the Italian place your dad is talking about a year and a half ago, I was by myself in Indy for business and I was pregers. I spent sooo much $ at that resteraunt, so sad its closed.
If you like seafood, there is a really good Japanese place across from mall, it's great. Have a good time.

Shasta said...

Yeah, I think it was Bennini's or something like that. Don't you guys eat @ the Sushi place in Terre Haute often? Is it that good?