Monday, September 1, 2008

Lil' Miss Evil Knievel

Labor Day of happiness. El woke up this morning, and here she is (see below). The hair looks like this every morning. I've never been very good at doing hair so I always just leave it. As the day goes on, it usually lays down.

I checked out the Dorn's little Evil Knievel so I thought I'd show my little Knievel in the early stage of madness. I picked up this little bike from a garage sale, and I mean it's little . The bike belonged to no other than the boys of Daniel Stark (we had a discussion about definitely keeping his boys away from my girls....he agreed). This cute little bike HAD to be the right size for El. I know she's little, but this bike is little!!! Well, it took her a about a week and she's definitely got the handle on it. Here are some bike pics.

This is Shay watching her big sis. Shay says, "it's a nuckle-biter!!"


DeAnn said...

It looks like she'd fit right in with the Dorn boys. Let's hope she doesn't start constructing her own ramps just yet. That bike is just her size! Too cute!

Shasta said...

More boys to worry about!! El has had MANY bumps, cuts, and bruises, so she'd fit right in. She busted her knees about 6 times this summer. She climbs on everything and so I got her a swing set. She does everything backwards...up the slide, down the ladder, swing on the belly, climbs on the sides of the swing set..etc. She's part monkey.,