Sunday, July 12, 2009

South Dakota

We traveled (by car) to South Dakota a few weeks ago to visit JB's family. It was a pretty painful car ride for all of us, but it was worth it to visit with his family we don't see but once every few years.

El & Shay didn't care much for South Dakota. Shay busted her lip within the first 2 hours we were there and I thought she was teething, but turned out she had double-ear infection. El cried everyday saying she wanted to go home and turns out she had this fever/sore throat thing going around. Needless to say, we left on a Friday to go up there, and we left on Wednesday the following week to come home. Not much fun for mama either, who couldn't set Shay down....ever without her screaming.

It may be a while until we travel that again. JB's mom decided it was probably easier on all of us for her to travel to IL. We agreed.

4 Generations (Great-Grandma Ole, Grandma Cathy, Daddy JB, El & Shay (notice how Shay loved it).

Nanny with El on the carousel

The family outside of Great-Nanny's house.

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