Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year's Halloween was a little strange. We planned on going out on trick OR treat night but Shay had the poops and El had snots so I thought I still had another good year of El not remembering what exactly trick or treating is so we stayed home. JB is home on Sundays so we did dress the girls up and golf cart around the neighborhood trick or treating.

El was a monkey which is very fitting. This girl will someday be the star of a circus. She'll be the one that does flips on the high wire.

Shay was a lion and quite frankly didn't give a crap about trick or treating or being covered by a stupid lion costume (her words). But, we did it anyway.


Aubrey said...

Grady was that same monkey....they both will probably join the circus!

Shasta said...

And we'll support them when they do. :)