Thursday, November 13, 2008

Madagascar 2--

I loved Madagascar 1 so I was pretty excited to see the second one. I took Kaydo & El to the opening Friday night at Robinson. We, of course, had to start the night at McD's with the Madagascar happy meals.

The's okay, and the kids did pretty well for the first 45 minutes. After that, they were wanting to run around. Totally understandable. They were wanting to "move it, move it".
The scratch on El's face is from falling off the brick porch at my parent's. She climbs on the wall and thank God fell on the concrete step side instead of the 5 foot down landscaped brick side. I mean this girl has permanently scarred knees already...she's 2. I figure she'll never be Miss America (not that I was shooting for that anyway). I bet she would make an awesome wrestler.


Anonymous said...

about time i thought maybe you had gave up bloggin. Jeremy

Sara B. said...

Your Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was begining to worry about you!
We are taking Maddy & Brayden to the movie tomorrow.
Which will be Brayden's 1st time to the movies. I was hoping he would do ok, but now I don't have my hopes set to high.

That is funny we are going to do the Happy Meals also.. just a fun, theme filled evening!

The girls looked very cute for halloween.
It was good to see you guys a couple weekends ago.

Shasta said...

I just don't know where the time goes???

Sara, it was nice visiting with you & your now mustache-free husband.

It was El's first time at the movies, too. She wasn't as thrilled as I thought and Brayden will probably also have trouble with the seat. They aren't made for small people. I ended up stuffing our coats behind El.

Good luck!!

jlmichl2 said...

Glad to see your still among the living!!!!!

Missed ya.......